Fusion 360 for sheet metal

After spending years with Inventor, I have spent the last few months getting my head around Fusion 360, some of which can be detailed here: https://backstaydesign.com/2020/06/07/fusion-360-for-boat-design/ . I have been working on smaller, faster jobs lately, that have dovetailed beautifully with Fusions top-down workflow. This has extended into the sheet metal tools, with the moreContinue reading “Fusion 360 for sheet metal”

Preparing a scale model-part2

Following my initial model handover, I requested a Skype with the boatyard and the company who will be doing the 3d print. I was looking for clarification on my initial model, as well as the other details that I would need to include with regard to deck fittings, hand rails and the like. The 3dContinue reading “Preparing a scale model-part2”

My introduction to PolyCad

One again my never-ending quest for top notch free software led me to PolyCad, a hull design, hydrostatics, (and now hydrodynamics) software package. I am not a Naval Architect, and don’t pretend to be one. I am more than happy to leave the number crunching to the experts and to spend my time solving geometricContinue reading “My introduction to PolyCad”