Fusion 360 for Boat Design Pt2

I am in the process of wrapping up my first boat from start to finish in Fusion 360. The start being my interpretation of the design brief, and the finish being the G code for the CNC machine (and of course construction drawings for the floor). And as we are all so much cleverer inContinue reading “Fusion 360 for Boat Design Pt2”

Fusion 360 for sheet metal

After spending years with Inventor, I have spent the last few months getting my head around Fusion 360, some of which can be detailed here: https://backstaydesign.com/2020/06/07/fusion-360-for-boat-design/ . I have been working on smaller, faster jobs lately, that have dovetailed beautifully with Fusions top-down workflow. This has extended into the sheet metal tools, with the moreContinue reading “Fusion 360 for sheet metal”

Preparing a scale model-part2

Following my initial model handover, I requested a Skype with the boatyard and the company who will be doing the 3d print. I was looking for clarification on my initial model, as well as the other details that I would need to include with regard to deck fittings, hand rails and the like. The 3dContinue reading “Preparing a scale model-part2”

My introduction to PolyCad

One again my never-ending quest for top notch free software led me to PolyCad, a hull design, hydrostatics, (and now hydrodynamics) software package. I am not a Naval Architect, and don’t pretend to be one. I am more than happy to leave the number crunching to the experts and to spend my time solving geometricContinue reading “My introduction to PolyCad”