Freelance boat design support

I have worked on boats, and on boat designs, Inside boatyards and inside boat design companies. Above all I prefer freelancing, as it allows me to make the most productive use of my time, and gives me the freedom to use whatever tools I feel are best suited to producing my work in the most economical and professional way.

My first job on a boat was for free, a friend of mine had bought a wooden boat that the previous owner had built in his backyard. The hull was a modified wooden clinker lifeboat. He needed urgent help with re-glassing the outside of the hull, and as I had been in the composites industry for many years volunteered to help him out. Before I knew it I was doing GRP repairs to other yachts in the basin. Pulling all sorts of things apart, fixing them and then putting them back together. After a particulary taxing 8 month re-fit to a 27ft yacht in which the owner and I redesigned a good few items I got introduced to 3D Cad.

And so it began, I started working for a boatyard that was busy with a 60ft luxury performance cat. Initially I was hired to update a number of small custom items: Sheave blocks, rigging layouts and various other deck fittings.

This progressed to designing some items from scratch, sensor housings, electric windows, interior cabinetry and the like.

By the time the yard’s second project came along I was designing all the plugs for the new 50ft catamaran, as well as being a point of contact for the boats designer, the structural engineer, systems engineer etc.

Following this I was hired by a boatyard that builds aluminium, powered boats from 4.3m to 17m! All of my work there was in sheet metal, from developing hull plates to deck layouts. As well as taking charge of the drawing pack from the naval architect and using it to create drawings for the workshop floor. Filling in smaller details along the way, from custom dive ladders to console layouts.

This was followed by time spent working for a Naval Architect (or two) in a design office. I put GA’s together in response to the supplied scope of work on vessels up to 43m, as well as modelling up a 14m research vessel from scratch from the scantling calculations given to me. Producing all cutfiles and structural drawings.

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